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Hi friends, I’m Elyssa! I’m a new blogger based in LA! I am a city girl obsessed with all things beauty and fashion and love the entertainment industry, where I also work! My whole life my number one question I would receive was where I got my outfit or my accessories. Before Covid-19, I was finally cast in a movie and then filming got pushed back until further notice, so like many others, life took a turn. I always wanted to blog and be able to share my looks with people and when the pandemic hit, the opportunity presented itself and I knew it was finally the right time! So here we are. YAY!


I have been a fashionista pretty much since I came out of the womb haha. I have baby pictures of me in diapers wearing my grandma’s high heels. Even as a little girl, for Christmas and birthdays I wanted shoes and clothes over toys. Also anything that sparkles has always been my immediate go to (it’s quite obnoxious sometimes). In high school I dressed up every day and was voted best dressed in school. After high school I had plans of going to FIDM but life happens and I didn’t, although I started modeling and acting and got to wear amazing designer clothes on set which was probably my favorite part. In 2012 I saw a casting for Madonna’s clothing line Material Girl and they were looking for their next Material Girl. They went to several major fashion cities and hundreds of thousands of girls and guys auditioned and I was fortunate enough to make it in the top 18. Then I was doing fitness modeling for SEVENTEEN Magazine and was a model for 6 season’s on SyFy’s hit show Face Off where I got the opportunity to wear and embody some amazing creations and characters, and bring them to life! I love Living in LA, there’s inspiration everywhere you look and I’m so excited to be on this new journey of life and see what happens!